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Adjusted Exhibition Gallery Hours: Wednesdays – Saturdays 12-4pm

The St. Croix Galleries of ArtReach St. Croix feature work by local, regional and national artists in rotating exhibits. The gallery hosts visual arts shows representing a variety of mediums throughout the year. Gallery admission is free.

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Current Exhibit

Bold Journeys

featuring work by Marianne Barratt, Becky Benson and Chiaki O’Brien

On view: May 21-June 27
Closing Party with the Artists: Saturday, June 27 at 12-4pm

ArtReach St. Croix is pleased to announce the opening of Bold Journeys, an upcoming exhibition at the ArtReach gallery. Highlighting vibrant colors and sharp contrasts, this show features three artists working in acrylic and oil paint, mixed media, and Saori weaving.  

Marianne Barratt (Stillwater, MN) is a painter who focuses on an impressionistic style, capturing the light and magic of landscapes and figurative subjects. Her process encourages an organic development of her ideas, embracing the challenge of laying colors onto the surface, and working through both struggles and moments of “flow” until it has taken on a voice and a life of its own. She seeks to capture scenes that are momentary and fleeting, subtle and mysterious, and expresses them through broad, textured brushstrokes.

Becky Benson (Stillwater, MN) is an abstract artist who values an intuitive and instinctual method to her painting. Most of her pieces begin with a single line to open and ‘free up’ the canvas. From there, she utilizes bold strokes and gradations in equal part. Because of this, her works are very process-based and bolster vibrant and contrasting colors and shapes that are both fluid and definitive. As she puts it, she must trust herself to, “develop a piece to its fullest potential without expectation in the result.”

Chiaki O’Brien (Bloomberg, MN) is a Saori weaver who, originally from Japan, has integrated herself as a leader and teacher in the art community through her passion for traditional methods of weaving. Her style of work is fluid and specialized to be fun, unique, and indicative of there not being a ‘right answer’ in art. She relates this principle to life, and how she experiences weaving as a representation of community. Through her bold colors and dense patterns, she hopes to plant pieces of herself in her works, and that is what gives them life.

In order to safely enjoy the show, we require visitors to wear a mask, practice social distancing while in the gallery and limit the number of guests in the gallery to ten at a time. ArtReach is doing what we can to continue providing a space for St. Croix Valley Artists to showcase their work.

The Gift Gallery

The Gift Gallery is temporarily closed due to Covid-19.

Experience The Gift Gallery, an adjoining space to ArtReach St. Croix’s exhibition galleries featuring artwork by St. Croix Valley artists that are perfect for gift giving or just for you.

The Gift Gallery is an outgrowth of six years of Holiday Pop-up Shops on Stillwater’s Main Street. Now you can pop in to The Gift Gallery to purchase the work of local artists any time of the year. A new mix of artists will be featured in The Gift Gallery every three months.